Yaya Diamonds Dream chaser radio was birthed by Singer/entertainer, and daughter of multi-platinum recording artist Evelyn Thomas, Yaya Diamond in 2008. Since Yaya Diamond has interviewed many Grammy award-winning artists, award-winning producers, authors, inventors, etc. She built the station on the foundation of supporting others by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents on the show, blog posts, videos, reviews, press releases, the station's Roku channel, and on social media. Yaya Diamond is a true inspiration for any aspiring entrepreneur looking to make it big in the business world. She is a successful radio host and CEO of Diamond Dream Chasers Radio, a program that seeks to provide guidance and support to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Yaya Diamond is the epitome of a go-getter, always working hard to achieve her goals and helping others to do the same. http://www.yayadiamond.com