Music is the art of thinking with sounds.

I first became aware of binaural beats in 2018 as a relief from my tinnitus. The only time I do not experience extreme ringing in both ears is when I can listen to various music selections and give myself a respite from the noise. I joined several different subscription sites that have become popular, but none of them were worth the money to me. Either they were far too expensive or had sparse content. I had to try to figure out something better.

We have collected tracks from producers all over the world in dozens of different styles to suit any taste in music. There are guided meditations from some of the best gurus, shamans, and yogis on the planet. I am collecting Christian praise music, and healing binaural beats, and adding them all the time.

For those of us who love reading and being read to, I have added 18,000 audiobooks from some of the classic authors, some with healing background music included. Together with my beautiful wife Traci, our team has amassed this amazing collection of calming, peaceful music and interesting literature, and we offer it to you at a very modest subscription price.

You have my word this monthly fee will never get too expensive to enjoy. You can contact me directly or by calling me at 626 833-3285. 

All Our Best,
Wayne and Traci Altman

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Music brings harmony to the world.

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