2023-02-22 00:22:24

How Binaural Beats Can Ease The Symptoms of Tinnitus

How Can Binaural Beats Ease Tinnitus Symptoms? We discuss the studies, and the science, and address the misconceptions.  


2023-02-09 12:04:18

Reducing Stress

Stress… We are in an almost constant state of stress from the moment we are born until our final minutes on Earth. How we manage that stress, and how resilient we are in recovering from stresses in our life will determine how effective we are, and how happily we live our lives. Figuring out what our stressors are, and how to recover from them is the first step to mitigating the damage they can cause. Our health and the health of all of our relationships depend on us dealing with and recovering from stress. Too much stress can have incredibly bad effects on our bodies and our interpersonal relationships. Here are some tips to reduce stress and recover from the tensions of everyday life.