What are binaural beats? What are the benefits of using binaural beats for you and your clients?

MEET Wayne Altman

With a strong desire to make a difference to the people around him, Wayne Altman has worn many hats during his 54 years of life on Earth. Born in California but raised in Texas, Wayne grew up knowing he wanted to serve others. U.S. Army Veteran, Death Row Correctional Officer, Corporate Sales Trainer, and Author of 6 books on Mortgage and Credit.

Wayne has traveled to 19 countries and visited 49 States teaching Credit to consumers and Loan Officers in the Mortgage Industry. He currently owns multiple (14) online businesses all designed to enrich the lives of his customers and his community.

His latest business is Melody Clouds, a subscription relaxation website and app. With 8,000 hours of Solfeggio, Binaural Beats, Guided Meditation, and 17,000 + Audiobooks all designed to relax and educate its subscribers at a price point other services just will not touch.

Wayne has determined that this technology's healing and beneficial effects should be available to everyone who wants it. So, Melody Clouds is translated into over 100 different languages, and its membership spans across the globe. Wayne is married to the love of his life Traci, and together they are raising three incredibly beautiful and talented daughters. Cassidy, Reagan, and Morgan.

Find out more at Melody Clouds and connect with Wayne on Facebook & Instagram


What are binaural beats? 3:41 What research has gone into the effectiveness of binaural beats? 9:20 How do binaural beats work for chronic pain? 17:23

What Are Binaural Beats? How do our brains process binaural beats? What does it mean to block grief with binaural beats? Can binaural beats help you sleep better? What are solfeggio frequencies?

What Research Has Gone Into The Effectiveness Of Binaural Beats? Using sound to manipulate emotionsHow do different frequencies affect different emotions? How to get our brain to recreate frequencies on its own? What are some of the benefits of these different frequencies?

How Do Binaural Beats Work For Chronic Pain? Finding the right frequencies for each individual Are binaural beats safe for patients with PTSD? What is Melody Clouds? How to use binaural beats and solfeggio frequency

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