Episode 88 of the Fit Mother Project Podcast is all about tinnitus relief and how binaural beats can help you stop the ringing in your ears. In this episode, you’ll meet Wayne Altman, an entrepreneur and the founder of Melody Clouds, the premier online source for music and audio to calm your mind.

 After suffering from tinnitus and looking for relief from all the noise he kept experiencing as a result of this illness, Wayne became aware of binaural beats in 2018. He started listening to different types of sounds, and music, and after some time, he noticed that the only time he does not experience extreme ringing in both ears is when he can listen to various music selections and give himself a respite from the noise. He joined several different subscription sites that have become popular, but none of them were worth the money to him. Either they were far too expensive or had sparse content. He had to try to figure out something better. He finally found a way to help anyone with the same condition by collecting tracks from producers worldwide in dozens of different styles to suit any taste in music.

Finding these amazing results made him think about introducing more beats to people who want to have a better focus, take a break from the day-to-day rush, feel relaxed and calm to enjoy the present moment, calm their kids from being upset or cranky, meditate, and even for the people who just love reading and being read to. Now, Melody Clouds has 8,000 hours of solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, guided meditation, and 16,967 audiobooks designed to relax and educate. Wayne has determined that this technology's healing effects should be available to everyone who wants it, and he’s got an awesome offer just for our listeners! The first 20 people who send their full name and email address to trina@fitfatherproject.com will receive a FREE year membership to Melody Clouds! So sit back, listen to this awesome conversation, and start getting the relief you desire! In this episode, you’ll learn about: - Binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, and guided meditation. - Using binaural beats and solfeggio to affect your mood and enhance your life. - How music can affect our mental and physical health. - How meditation can help heal illnesses and increase your mental well-being. - How to block grief and increase joy in your life. - And so much more!

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It is no secret that Mothers are truly the unsung heroes of today’s families.


The amount of work, errands, tasks, and support mothers do day in and day out is never-ending.


It’s keeping the household and family running.

It’s planning birthday parties and family activities.


It’s running to the grocery store while waiting to pick up the dry cleaning.


It’s making sure the kids and spouse have everything they need… often putting themselves and their health last.

It can feel like an Invisible Burden... an evergrowing weight carried on the shoulders of many moms.


And our society expects mothers to carry this load without question.


What happens when we carry additional weight…?


Our bodies are stressed and challenged in a magnitude of ways that can lead to stress, poor health.


The Invisible Burden can lead to weight gain, constant low energy, hormone imbalance. It can lead to being stretched beyond reach.


What’s worse is that hardworking mothers like you bearing this burden, are often not seen or acknowledged for carrying the contributions and the acts of the family.


If you’re a stay-at-home mom, society often expects you to carry the invisible burden without question. If you’re a working mom, you’re also expected to carry the invisible burden just as much while working to provide an income to your family.


You have so many important things pulling you in different directions that it often means you put yourself… and your health… last.


I’m Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, Founder, and CEO of the Fit Mother Project and the host of this podcast… and I get all of this.


Growing up… my dad died when I was 9 years old… and my mom became a widow with two young boys… and she had to fight to raise us and keep our family together.

I started the Fit Mother Project and created this podcast with the sole purpose of helping create stronger and more powerful mothers through losing weight without restrictive diets, crazy workouts, or the image of “being perfect.”


Our Fit Mother team has helped over 10,000 women become a stronger more fit version of themselves and we know this podcast will help you do the same on your journey to a better you.


You can take care of your family and work… and still make time for yourself and your health.


I’ll show you how XYZ. It’s time for you to put yourself and your health first.


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