After suffering from tinnitus for 30 years, Wayne Altman discovered a revolutionary way to access silence. He had dedicated himself to empower others to take control of their moods and bring balance back into focus. You will learn: 1. Uncovering the power of binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies to take charge of your mood and relax. 2. Exploring the use of music and sound as a form of healing that has been around for centuries. 3. Discovering how guided meditation and sounds work to change your brainwaves.  Wayne Altman is a 55-year-old tinnitus sufferer who founded Melody Clouds to help people take charge of their moods through sound. He has 8 years of military experience and a passion for helping others find relief through sound. #tinnitus #naturalremedy #naturalhealing #binuralbeats #soundhealing This is episode #250 of the Meditation Conversation podcast. Listen to the episode here:

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