MelodyClouds and App Security

I had an interesting conversation this morning in a Men’s group I belong to called METAL regarding App security and our willingness to share YOUR private data with third parties. 


We have always held the position that our customer’s information (search history, contact information, usage data, location, purchases, diagnostics, and other identifiers that can be used to track you across devices) is NOT ours to divulge, AND not ours to use to sell or facilitate others to sell. Even in the event it would help in a criminal investigation, we would not be willing to share that data. 


MelodyClouds understands the arguments for helping governments procure this information, we do not collect private information in the first place, and will not allow our application to be used by others as a private data collection tool. 

One of the things I enjoy about METAL so much is having access to seriously competent men, with outrageously successful track records, engaging with me about issues that affect me every single day. 


Information Security affects us all. How and when we share information about ourselves has serious repercussions on our future, both in the short and long term. Rest assured that MelodyClouds has taken steps to safeguard your information. While others try to expand data collection, we would like to remain cautiously private.


In the long run, we believe the money we would gain from handing over our customer’s information (even if you knew we were doing it) would not be money earned. 


“The term 'information security' means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction to provide integrity, confidentiality, and availability”  We would add that even authorized use of non-pertinent information should be avoided. 

Our Privacy Policy is being updated to reflect our attitude about personal information. The way it is written now is not how we handle information in real life. 


Our Subscribers can expect the highest degree of security, now and in the future from MelodyClouds. 


On Thursday I had my bi-weekly conversation with APPLE about adding data collection to MelodyClouds. It was revealed to me that advanced AI tools can fill in information gaps until corrected information can be filled in. 


This means that your information is already accessible to data brokers without any input from you whatsoever. We need to demand better data protection laws from our government right now.