Binaural Beats and Autism

The past few months have seen some incredible research delivered on the effects of Binaural Beats and the treatment of Autism. 


Binaural Beats for the uninitiated are frequencies delivered (one in each ear) that can change the frequency the brain communicates temporarily. MelodyClouds has well over 800 hours of Binaural Beats and Solfeggio frequencies to help soothe, relax, and heal. 


Science has long known the effects on Sleep, Focus, Pain Relief, and many other common issues. What was not known was the effects it would have on the Autistic child until recently. 

Using Binaural Beats to soothe your autistic child is now being studied with vigor. Aspergers, Autism, and several other conditions are now being studied and treated with Binaural Beats to great success.


Research is being done all over the world to great success and outcomes have surprised many leaders in the Mental Health Profession. 


 “5 Conclusion:

It is summarized that brainwave entrainment provides the real potential to really change

psychological outcomes. However, supplementary and superior researches need to be

made, using additional outcomes and outcomes now examined.”


Sharma and Dr. Rathor  Continue their work studying the effects of music and frequencies on calming autistic patients, and Melody Clouds stands ready to assist and aid any research on this subject in earnest. 


We have helped fund research on Tinnitus, PTSD, Stress, and Sleep this year, and there is plenty more opportunity for further study.

MelodyClouds is $2.99 for the first two months, and $5.99 a month after that. We have subscribers in 103 countries, and we are translated into over 200 languages.

Our iOS and Android apps are free to subscribers, and we do not collect or share data with 3rd party partners of any kind. 


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