Huge Day for MelodyClouds yesterday!! Our iOS app was released by APPLE, and WOW it looks and works amazing. There are a few tweaks that still need to be made, but it is very slick and buttery. The apps are FREE!! so do not hesitate to run over and download your phone's version and use your login on the MelodyClouds website to access the app features.  GOOGLE had already released the Android version and it is equally awesome... 

18,000 Audiobooks crammed into your phone, 8000 Guided Meditations, thousands of hours of Binaural Beats and Solfeggio. Lullabies, Aesop's Fables, Nature Sounds, and very soon we will be adding 8000 episodes of Old Time Radio.. I cannot wait. 


If this is not worth $5.99 a month to you, drop me a quick note and tell me what would change your mind.

All The Best, 


Wayne and Traci Altman