Stress… We are in an almost constant state of stress from the moment we are born until our final minutes on Earth. How we manage that stress, and how resilient we are in recovering from stresses in our life will determine how effective we are, and how happily we live our lives. Figuring out what our stressors are, and how to recover from them is the first step to mitigating the damage they can cause. Our health and the health of all of our relationships depend on us dealing with and recovering from stress. Too much stress can have incredibly bad effects on our bodies and our interpersonal relationships. Here are some tips to reduce stress and recover from the tensions of everyday life.

  1. Find a quiet place. Finding a haven from everything putting pressure on us in the immediate. Sometimes just a quiet room or a breath of fresh air can work miracles on our anxiety level. Just escaping the din of our normal life, even if for a moment can reset our mood.
  2. Listening to favorite music. Love Jazz? Try grabbing some headphones and tuning out everything clouding our feelings, and emotions. Listen to an audiobook by a favorite author or even better a Binaural Beat Track specifically designed to elevate our mood and relieve stress.
  3. Have Sex. One of the most effective ways to relax for most of us is right at our fingertips. With ourselves or with a partner, sex has been proven to relax, refocus, and reset our minds. During sex, our bodies release endorphins and oxytocin. Very few chemicals are better at altering moods or relieving stress than these.
  4. Working out releases the same hormones as a good session of sexual activity. Incredibly good at relieving stress exercising even for a few minutes has tons of benefits both physical and mental. A healthy body is harder to stress out than one that is in poor condition. Eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep to maintain a healthy mind and body.
  5. Meditation. Sitting in a relaxing atmosphere and freeing our mind of conflict, or negative thoughts can be a very practical and efficient method of reducing stress. Playing music or guided meditations can have an amazing effect on the mental well-being of anyone looking to calm and quiet their mind.
  6. Getting some extra rest is another potent way of lowering stress levels. Soft pillows, clean sheets, and a comfortable bed combine to make an effective stress reducer. Quick naps can be more effective than a week of vacation in reducing stress. Making sure you have the proper amount of sleep will ward off illness and reduce your stress levels very powerfully.
  7. Laugh More Often. If you want to relieve some serious stress from your life learn to laugh more. Laughing is as effective as sex in producing oxytocin and positive thoughts. Comedy clubs, movies, or a good book can all be sources of laughter. Hanging out with friends and relaxing with some funny stories will make you feel so much better.
  8. One of our favorite ways to de-stress is a nice deep tissue massage. A warm room, soft music, candles, and hot oil being massaged into sore stressed muscles will relax and relieve even the most stressed. Massages when done correctly can remove even the toughest stressors. It is very hard to remain stressed when warm soft hands are massaging sore aching muscles.
  9. Talk to a friend or counselor. Sitting with a friend and pouring your heart out is an incredibly effective stress reliever. Having a conversation over coffee, or a glass of wine can be very relaxing, and put things back into proper perspective. Counseling sessions with a trusted advisor can have the exact same effect. Clear your mind of negative emotions and help you think about problems in a new way.
  10. Learn to Say No. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy when it comes to stress and what causes it. We take on too much at once and lose some of our strength and power because of it. Saying no takes back some of that power and makes it available to be redistributed to more important things. We become more focused and feel more in control when we give ourselves permission to say no.

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