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Whether you listen from your phone, tablet, or PC, you can expect high-quality, lightning-fast streaming. (We also don’t let advertising ruin your experience). Our subscribers will never see or hear advertising while they are trying to relax.

Why Go Premium?

There are MANY reasons to join Melody Clouds, let us count the ways. 

Sleep Deeper

Get to Sleep Quicker and Rest Deeper.

  • 100’s of sleep and meditation tracks designed to help you rest your mind.

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  • 500hours of music and binaural beats to unfog your brain and quiet your thoughts..

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  • 30mins and 1hr segments are perfect for troubled sleepers and mind racers.

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  • Special promotions throughout the year.

Improve Mood

Save 10% By Paying Yearly.

  • Access to all music tracks in all categories.

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  • Zero monthly fee.

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  • Free gift (find out in checkout).

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  • Special promotions throughout the year.

Sharper Focus

Save Big With a Lifetime Membership.

  • • Access to all music tracks in all categories.

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  • • Give the gift of music and meditation.

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  • • Free gift (find out in checkout).

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  • • Special promotions throughout the year.

Listen To Your Favorite Music Everywhere.

Imagine a place where all your favorite meditations, music, ASMR, audiobooks, Solfeggio, and binaural beats are organized and streamed to your device as fast as technology allows. 


Frequently Ask Questions

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

We have collected meditations and beats from all over the world. Dozens of artists from across the globe have contributed to this collection, and it will grow every single month. 

Just like anything else (food, medication, diets ), everyone is different. One medication will work miracles on one person and be totally ineffective on another. Try the sleep beats first, and see what effect they have on you individually. One thing is for certain there is plenty of content on Melody Clouds for any interest.

One of the reasons we have been so generous with our membership trial period is because we only want satisfied members!!! 60 days is plenty of time for you to give us a try before you commit. However, if at any time you decide this is just not for you just let us know. 

We have tons of friends, and we love to partner up when we can. If you would like to team up say the word... If we think it is a fit we move quickly.

Get in touch and lets have a chat.

Sorry, not sorry, but this is a place of meditation and relaxation, and there will never be advertisements of any kind to harsh our mellow. We are limiting our own email to one per month, and that will not sell anything either.

Now we are talking!!! We will always stand ready to explore and bring to our members new and exciting content. If you make music that you think would be perfect here, we want to know about it. Do not hesitate to reach out to us, and someone will always be available to respond.

This is only the beginning. Everyone has a different idea of what is relaxing to us. We are expanding our music very quickly, and you can look for new selections every time you log in. In the next few weeks, look for praise music, jazz, and death metal selections.

OMG YES!!!!! We are hard at work bringing our members the slickest IOS and Android application of all time!!! Watch this space for news and information about the exciting new addition.

As of right now the app is scheduled for a July 15th launch (You know how these things go) but anyone subscribing now will get it for free when it comes out.