How To Use MelodyClouds


  1. The app is broken down into five sections. AudioBooks, Aesops Fables, Lullabies, Nature Sounds, and Binaural Beats and Solfeggio.  To answer Kat's question about WHY there are audiobooks, Some people like to read, and others like being read to. I added over 18,000 AudioBooks for the people who relax listening to a good story.  VERY SOON I am adding 8000 episodes of Old Time Radio (no extra charge) because I want people to relax. CHOICE 

  2. I will start with Binaural Beats and Solfeggio because more people get confused by this section. To answer Kat's question about headphones Binaural Beats can be listened to either way with or without headphones. I can listen to "Relaxing Music Sleeping Like A Baby 1" (without headphones) and it knocks me out so quickly. My original thought was I wanted people to wander over the app looking at all the beautiful photo icons. I personally made this app and I truly want people to see it and enjoy it.  I now see Kat's point that it needs more structure and organization. Nothing relaxing about Chaos... Each Title of each track has its type of frequency. Some people respond to Theta, others to Beta or Gamma, and some to all three.  Experiment with the songs until you find the ones that work for you, and add them to your playlist.  Listen to them with and without headphones if you get the same effect without headphones and do not disturb others that is my preferred method. 

  3. As far as help or FAQ, we have not had a ton of questions, BUT I am adding this and another page to be more proactive in answering any questions.  We have subscribers in 138 Countries and 203 languages I should have anticipated that some of you would have more questions. 

  4. As far as the app description is much different from the reality of using the app, this is a work in progress. We are refining things with each new update to bring you the absolute BEST app we can at ANY price. Give us a bit more time and watch this library grow far beyond the 8000 hours of Binaural Beats, 18,000 Audiobooks, 800 hrs of Lullabies, and hours and hours of Aesop's fables and Nature Sounds. 

  5. Kat, we are working extremely hard to make this your go-to app when you want to relax at a price point that is fair to everyone.  I have posted my personal phone number from DAY ONE on the website as an indication of my commitment to MelodyClouds and I am available 24/7 365 to my subscribers. 

    Before I forget, I wanted to share something about our Privacy Policy. We do not track ANY user data. Location, Usage, User Content, whether it is yours or linked to you.  We do not allow ANYONE to track this information either.  I cannot find another application on either platform with a tougher Privacy and Data Protection as MelodyClouds. 


      In conclusion, if you can find an application for relaxation that beats our price, value, or features let us know what it is. We wish all of you the very best, and we are working hard to add some new features to MelodyClouds application very soon. I think you will all love what is in store (even you Kat31845) 



   All The Best,

Wayne Altman

626 833-3285 Cell