What do Binaural Frequencies Do?

When selecting which Binaural Beat to listen to comes down to what you want the frequency to do for you. Would you like to relax? Try frequency 432Hz or 528Hz and situate yourself somewhere conducive to relaxation. 


If you would like relief from pain or stress 174Hz is a very useful frequency for both of those ailments. Try using 285Hz after 174Hz and provide healing along with pain relief.  


Below is a list of Binaural Beats frequencies and what they do. Every one of these frequencies can be found in multiple locations on the MelodyClouds app and website.  

2Hz Pain Relief


3Hz Deep Sleep / Healing


5Hz Creativity


10Hz Fast Learning


19Hz Focus Attention Cognitive Thinking


15Hz Problem Solving


40Hz Memory Recall 


42Hz Grief Blocking and Memory


174Hz Relieve Pain and Stress


285Hz Heal Tissue


396Hz Liberating Guilt


417Hz Accept Change


528Hz Relaxation and Transformation


639Hz Mend Relationships Altruism


741Hz Intuition


852Hz Spiritual Order


963Hz Enlightenment 


432Hz Sleep

We own every bit of music and all files on the MelodyClouds App, and the library gets bigger and bigger as time goes by. Very shortly we will be adding Old Time Radio and an updated environment app that allows you to recreate the environment around you.


The key to using these frequencies is to experiment on what works for you personally. Some of these tracks of music will not work on everyone who tries them. Just like pharmaceuticals the dosage, and conditions you take them with also play a role.  Unlike medications, however, there is no chance of overdose and zero chance of addiction, or side effects. 


Also, this is not to be used in place of doctor-prescribed medications.

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