Many of our friends know the benefits of meditation. They know that meditating from 30 min to an hour a week can increase self-awareness, relax and focus the mind, reduce negative emotions, relieve pain, and provide perspective.


But, How do you get started? We make it very easy with our guided meditations. Find a quiet place, get comfortable, and let our experts guide you through breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises that will refresh and invigorate your mind, body, and soul.


Be transported to peaceful places that will relax your body, and remove clouded thoughts and stressful thinking. New guided meditations are added all the time with the focus on healing, and relaxation.


Dozens of experts guiding hundreds of hours of meditation all at your fingertips no matter where you are. Take them with you where ever you roam.


If you want to try (Risk-Free) the power of Guided Meditation, and feel the clarity in your mind and soul, press the button below and become a member of Melody Clouds Today.






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Option One is the monthly membership- You pay $2.99 to get started, and NOTHING else for 60 Days. Two FULL months to experience all the Music, Binaural Beats, Solfeggio, Nature Sounds, Audiobooks, (16,967 books in 46 languages) and Lullabies we offer. That is 8000 hours of premium content for 60 days. After the two months, you pay $5.99 a month thereafter. Cheaper than a gallon of gas for all that amazing content.

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Option Three- This option is for subscribers who do not like the monthly subscription model. We allow you to purchase a Lifetime Membership at the amazing price of $399.99.  Pay one time for a lifetime of relaxing music, and audiobooks without ever having to renew your subscription.


Every Month regardless of subscription level you will receive added content, special offers, and the option to join our newsletter with added bonuses.


Pick the subscription method you prefer, and follow the link to get started. We are so happy you are joining us.








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