Having Trouble Focusing?

Many of us from time to time struggle with focus. We live very stressful lives with responsibilities pulling us in many different directions.
Kids, School, Work, Family, all of these distractions and so many others and it is a wonder we can focus our attention on anything for long periods of time.
Melody Clouds can help change that… Using either Solfeggio Frequencies (417Hz), or Binaural Beats to settle the mind and sharpen the focus you can drastically reduce the distractions and clutter of everyday life.

Would you like to achieve pinpoint laser sharp focus without resorting to drugs like Adderall that can become addictive? Listening to music that is portable, private, and plentiful, rather than prescriptive gives you many advantages.

100% Safe to use anytime or anywhere, these music clips stream directly from your account OR can be downloaded to your favorite devices. Melody Clouds is always ready to be listened to when YOU need it. No need to worry about getting too large a dose or too small, and can be transported to any state or country without fear of legal issues.

If you would like to try (Risk-Free) the power of Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies and feel the return of focus without medication or side effects, press the button below and become a member of Melody Clouds Today.
You will be taken to our subscriber page and given three options.

Option One is the monthly membership- You pay $2.99 to get started, and NOTHING else for 60 Days. Two FULL months to experience all the Music, Binaural Beats, Solfeggio, Nature Sounds, Audiobooks, (16,967 books in 46 languages) and Lullabies we offer. That is 8000 hours of premium content for 60 days. After the two months, you pay $5.99 a month thereafter. Cheaper than a gallon of gas for all that amazing content.

Option Two– You pay $69.99 for one full year of our incredible content. All the music, all the audiobooks, and the incredible relief that Meditation and Solfeggio Frequencies bring. For a very limited time, we are offering new subscribers a $10 dollar discount. Your yearly membership will be $59.99 if you choose this option.

Option Three– This option is for subscribers who do not like the monthly subscription model. We allow you to purchase a Lifetime Membership at the amazing price of $399.99. Pay one time for a lifetime of relaxing music, and audiobooks without ever having to renew your subscription.

Every Month regardless of subscription level you will receive added content, special offers, and the option to join our newsletter with added bonuses.

Pick the subscription method you prefer, and follow the link to get started. We are so happy you are joining us.

Level Price  
Option One: Monthly Membership Limited Time Offer $2.99 now and then $5.99 per Month. After your initial payment, your first 2 payments will cost $0.00. Select
Option Two: Yearly Membership Sale (Normally $69.99) $59.99 now and then $69.99 per Year. Select
Option Three: Lifetime Membership (Save $50) $350.00 now. Select

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