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Welcome to Melody Clouds

Take Charge Of Your Mood

We all control our own moods and emotions. Melody Clouds finally gives you tools to modify how you think and feel. Our Members have the ability to quickly relax and adjust their negative thoughts. Try it today For 60 Days FREE…

Why Go Premium?

Taking Charge Of Your Mood 

Sleep Deeper

Get to Sleep Quicker and Rest Deeper.

  • 100’s of sleep and meditation tracks designed to help you rest your mind.

  • .
  • 500hours of music and binaural beats to unfog your brain and quiet your thoughts..

  • .
  • 30mins and 1hr segments are perfect for troubled sleepers and mind racers.

  • .
  • Special promotions throughout the year.

Improve Mood

Save 10% By Paying Yearly.

  • Access to all music tracks in all categories.

  • .
  • Zero monthly fee.

  • .
  • Free gift (find out in checkout).

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  • Special promotions throughout the year.

Sharper Focus

Save Big With a Lifetime Membership.

  • • Access to all music tracks in all categories.

  • .
  • • Give the gift of music and meditation.

  • .
  • • Free gift (find out in checkout).

  • .
  • • Special promotions throughout the year.

New Release Music

New Release Music

Discount up to 25% in July Only for new Members

Watch for our ios and Android app later this month!!!! FREE for all Members prior to launch.  Join Now be the first to get the App!!!

Music Category

Listen to your favorite music everywhere.

Featured Artists

Itai Perelman Nasich

We are excited to introduce this month’s Featured Artist to our family. Look for Itai in our Meditation Section and get comfortable. His music will relax and excite you. 



CEO Melody Clouds

Like to relax with reading? We did not forget you...

Thousands of titles are right at your fingertips. Classics and new authors, massive appeal, and niche titles, are all part of your monthly membership. However you relax and reset yourself, we want to help. 

We are adding tons of audiobooks as well for those who love being read to. Some of those titles have Binaural Beats added for added relaxation and healing. 

Binaural Beats, Music, Guided Meditations, Audio Books, Solfeggio, Nature Sounds, Calming, and Relaxing. 
Take Charge of Your Mood.

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